Apple cider doughnuts

October 30, 2011 § 8 Comments

October so far has been a whirlwind: the month started out with an exhausting, amazing trip to Rhinebeck, New York, for the New York Sheep and Wool Festival and to hang out with my knitting friends and then a quick stop in Manhattan to see another awesome friend. The following weekend was hanging out with my best friend on her way from California to Chile for her new job, and then yesterday battling actual snow in October on one of the most congested highways in the country.

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Chocolate key lime pie

October 8, 2011 § 16 Comments

While looking through my cookbooks a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that I haven’t baked a pie in a really, really long time. I love pie, but for some reason got bogged down in baking cakes and cookies and forgot all about the joys of sweet filling nestled in a crumbly or flaky crust.

Admittedly I was drawn to this recipe for chocolate key lime pie because I adore citrus and, alright, because it’s a no-bake pie, I ended up making it now because I needed to use up some graham crackers thanks to having bought a box this summer for snacking. It turns out though that I really prefer graham crackers when combined with butter, chilled, and then piled high with a pretty swirl of tangy lime filling, which I made after stumbling across the recipe in one of my favorite cookbooks, the trusty Nigella Kitchen.

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