Brown butter-crispy rice treats

January 23, 2012 § 7 Comments

Despite having received plenty of new cookbooks for the holidays, I’ve settled on this week sharing yet another recipe from my most frequently-referred-to baking book, Flour. I adore this book so much I rarely manage to get it back onto the bookshelf, but instead leave it plopped open on the couch or on the kitchen counter. This past week, after repeatedly flipping back to it, I cooked my latest, greatest obsession from Flour, brown butter-crispy rice treats.

However, these crispy rice treats aren’t quite the dessert you remember from childhood (or in my case, from the sugar-bomb cereal I begged my mom to buy), as it’s amped-up by savory brown butter that tames the sweet marshmallows. Buoying the more assertive brown butter, freshly-seeded vanilla bean adds an elegant touch, creating a delicately freckled pale blonde crunchy confection.

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Clementine-currant muffins

January 7, 2012 § 9 Comments

Every year around this time I try to take stock of what I have, in order to better control the constant flow of clutter, and foodstuffs are sadly part of this clear-out. Despite my best intentions to run a lean, mean kitchen, I always end up with scattered ingredients that deserve to be eaten; this year’s strange standout is currants, purchased because…well, I can’t recall why. Typical!

Anyway, the currants lingered for the better part of the summer into the fall, and finally their orange box transformed from cheerful harbinger of cozy baked goods to caution-sign warning glare. The orange box did provide some inspiration to accompany its glower; currants go charmingly with citrus, in particular clementines. « Read the rest of this entry »

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