Walnut drop cookies

January 25, 2013 § 6 Comments

walnut drop cookies

Did you start the year off with good intentions? Some resolutions that this year would be different than previous ones? I, shockingly, only made one baking/cooking/food-related resolution (the list for my crafting, however, is out of control), and that is to keep inventing new recipes.

So far the smugness has been kept in check though; while I am one for one on new recipes posted as of today, last year’s resolution to stop acquiring cookbooks was a total nonstarter, and this year I’ve already received….um…seven new cookbooks. Granted, one was the Smitten Kitchen cookbook I bought for my sister for Christmas, except it turns out SHE GOT TO MEET DEB and get a copy signed, so I got the one I gave her back. No good deed goes unpunished, but then again, it is a great cookbook so I’m not exactly complaining!

walnut cookie ingredients

dry and wet ingredients

Anyway, in a few weeks I am going to visit my sister and brother-in-law (where I promise I will not “borrow” my sister’s copy — besides it is probably signed to her anyway, grumble) and I always like to bring something to thank them for their hospitality.

My brother-in-law really loves desserts with nuts in them, so I wanted to create something that really showcases walnuts, since I think those are his favorite, judging by the rugelach he likes (with walnuts), brownies (also with walnuts), and baklava (again, with walnuts, though there are pistachios in there too).

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