Welcome to Mason-Dixon Kitchen!

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, a disclaimer: despite the title, as of May 2012, I’ve only posted one Maryland-y recipe, and that’s because it’s got Old Bay in it. Though the Free State is my home state, it is not really where my family is from, as my mother is from Michigan and my father is from Cornwall, England. So it’s more like a food journal written by me, a person who happens to live in Maryland, and not a blog about foods FROM Maryland. In any case, here I share a haphazard amalgamation of my own creations, family recipes, and adaptations from my vast (and growing) cookbook and cooking magazine collection, and recipes from my similarly-expanding blogroll.

I attempt to cook seasonally thanks to my fascination with heirloom varieties of fruits, vegetables, and even animals, and I will pretty much eat anything ranging from raw macrobiotic vegan cuisine to offal and everything in between…well, almost everything: about the only things I won’t eat are asparagus (and its relatives) and sea cucumber, the former because I developed a sensitivity to it while living in Austria, and the latter because they kind of freak me out. My favorite vegetable is probably Swiss chard and both my cat and I share a fondness for cheese, especially Bayley Hazen Blue.

Aside from cooking and baking, I also enjoy knitting and crocheting; playing video games (World of Warcraft and Diablo III usually, though sometimes I still break out the old GameBoy for a rousing round of Tetris); reading; and hanging out with friends, family, and my cats.

Weights and measures

All recipes are based on US weights and measures (i.e., dry ingredients such as flour in dry-weight measuring cups, and liquids using the liquids measuring cup), unless otherwise stated in the recipe.

Recipe Sources

Recipes adapted from other sources are documented in the bibliography as well as at the bottom of the post. I have linked back to the original sources, if they are online, and in the case of books, included a link to one of my favorite bookstores, which I have selected because, well, I like them and they have the books in stock.

Please feel free to share the food and recipes as you wish, but as a courtesy to me please credit me with a link back and/or a citation, whichever is easier. Of course, please do not hesitate to contact me through comments or via email [ masondixonkitchen at gmail dot com ], to ask a question about a recipe, to share a link to a cool blog, or even just to chat about food and cooking.

Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy reading the posts and trying the recipes!

Legal stuff

I don’t receive any free samples of books, magazines, or food products, so everything I mention is something I’ve purchased and tried myself, or said item was gifted to me by a generous friend or family member (none of whom work in publishing/blogging/marketing/foodwhatever. I am not part of any advertising and/or affiliate programs either.

Please note that any ads on the blog are through wordpress’s ad services.


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